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Welcome to Bravo Physio & Wellness, where we go beyond conventional healthcare to celebrate and nurture the artistry of dancers. In this spotlight feature, we introduce you to Dr. Travis Morrison and Dr. Joshua Ramos


At Bravo Physio & Wellness, our mission extends beyond traditional physical therapy. We recognize the unique needs of dancers and have tailored our services to provide specialized care that addresses both the physical and artistic aspects of their craft.

Meet Our Physical Therapists for Performing Artists: Dr. Travis Morrison and Dr. Joshua Ramos, our esteemed physical therapists, bring a wealth of experience and passion to the intersection of healthcare and the performing arts. As a former dancer himself, Dr. Travis understands the challenges dancers face and is committed to offering tailored solutions to support their well-being. Dr. Josh uses his experience as a violinist and vocalist to assist artist in their return to the stage. 

Tailored Prehab Programs: Prevention is a key focus in our approach to dance and performing arts medicine, and our team is at the forefront of developing personalized prehabilitation programs. These programs are designed to proactively address potential issues, optimize performance, and ensure that dancers are primed for the physical demands of their art.

Beyond Physical Rehabilitation: Our expertise extends to working with dancers of all genres, from contemporary to latin dance. Whether you're a ballet dancer seeking ankle stability exercises or a hip-hop artist focusing on strength training, our individualized approach ensures that each dancer receives the specialized care they deserve.

Collaboration with Performing Artists: Bravo Physio & Wellness is not just a healthcare provider; it's a hub where performing artists, including vocalists and musicians, receive integrated care. We collaborate as a multidisciplinary team to address the unique challenges faced by artists across various disciplines.

Dance Medicine: Our team members hold membership in the primary dance medicine research providers (IADMS and PAMA), ensuring that our approach is grounded in the latest research and best practices in the field. Dancers can trust that they are receiving care from a specialist with a deep understanding of the demands and nuances of the art form.

Conclusion: Our dedication to nurturing the artistry of dancers goes beyond physical rehabilitation, creating a space where artists can thrive emotionally, mentally, and physically. Join us on this journey where healthcare meets art, and let Bravo Physio & Wellness be your partner in achieving your highest levels of performance and well-being.

Julia Buckelew PT, DPT, OCS

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