Physical Therapy consists of the use of exercise, tissue mobilization, and various modalities in order to alleviate pain, improve movement, and strengthen performance. At Bravo Physio & Wellness, our providers focus on helping performing artists be their best on and off stage by helping them recover from and prevent injuries.


At our initial session, we complete a thorough evaluation. We assess aspects of fitness and movement to identify areas of strength and area in need of improvement. This allows us to develop the best plan on how to assist you moving forward. 

During your private follow-up sessions, we focus on helping you return to activities you love after an injury.


Dry needling is a technique in which we insert filiform needles into trigger points or areas of tight muscles to relieve pain, restore your range of motion, and accelerate recovery.


Manual therapy is a hands-on and sometimes instrument-assisted technique that is used to address areas of discomfort, restriction, or tension.

As a physical therapy provider, our work is focused on helping performing artists recover from and reduce their risk of injuries through intentional strength and mobility training. Our physical therapy sessions are designed for those recovering from injuries, while our wellness sessions are for dancers who wish to enhance their performance. We offer several types of sessions to best fit your needs and schedule.

Does Bravo Physio & Wellness accept health insurance?

Bravo Physio & Wellness believes everyone should have easy access to high quality one-on-one care. We do this by remaining a Direct Care Private Pay Provider. This means you receive holistic Physical Therapy treatment without the restrictions of your insurance plan. No need to stress about visit limits, copays, surprise bills, or therapy caps. We keep things simple!

In-network Physical Therapists are often limited in the services they can provide based on what your insurance is willing to reimburse for. Our mission is to work with our clients as a whole person. A Super Bill will be provided after each visit so that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement per your out-of-network benefits. We do accept HSA.

Do I need a referral from my Physician to start Physical Therapy?

No, all you need to do is contact us to set up an appointment! Texas now has Direct Access which means you can see a Physical Therapist and begin treatment without having to see your Physician first! This saves you valuable time and money by allowing you to get on the road to recovery faster. If your reason for seeking treatment persists longer than the permitted 10-15 business days, we can help you get a referral from your primary care provider or other authorized referral source.

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