Dance Medicine at Bravo Physio & Wellness:

In the vibrant dance community of North Texas, our team brings expertise in dance medicine to address the unique needs of performers. Whether you're a contemporary dancer, tap dance enthusiast, or dancing en pointe, our team is here to support your journey.

The Power of Pilates:

Unlock the benefits of Pilates with our tailored sessions that emphasize strength training, flexibility exercises, and circuit training. Our Pilates instructors guide you through one-on-one sessions, ensuring a personalized approach that complements your dance practice and enhances overall flexibility. Group sessions are also available. 

Massage Therapy for Relaxation and Recovery:

Introducing our massage therapy services designed to enhance relaxation and aid in recovery. Our skilled massage therapists specialize in techniques that alleviate muscle tension, promote circulation, and contribute to overall well-being. Experience the rejuvenating benefits that massage therapy brings to your holistic wellness journey.

Physical Therapy Tailored to You:

Bravo Physio & Wellness goes beyond traditional physical therapy, offering a comprehensive range of services to address the diverse needs of our clients. From manual therapy techniques to interval training for dancers, our physical therapists are dedicated to optimizing your physical well-being.

Cultivating Strength with One-on-One Training:

Embrace the power of one-on-one training with our personal trainers, specialists in strength training and home exercises. Whether you're a musician seeking specific stretches or a dancer looking to build strength, our personalized approach ensures you achieve your fitness goals.

Nutrition for Performers:

Fuel your passion with personalized nutrition plans crafted by our certified nutrition professionals. From our center in Frisco, TX, our team understands the importance of nourishing your body for optimal performance. Discover the benefits of a dancer-specific nutrition plan that aligns with your artistic journey.

Flexibility, Strength, and Beyond:

Explore the connection between flexibility and strength in modern dance and jazz dance, and experience the transformative effects of stretching exercises. Our holistic approach integrates manual therapy, flexibility training, and Pilates workouts to promote overall well-being.

Embracing Diversity in Movement:

At Bravo Physio & Wellness, we celebrate the diversity of dance styles, from Latin dance to line dance. Our multidisciplinary team of physical therapists, massage therapists, and personal trainers collaborates to provide a space where all forms of movement are valued and supported.


In the dynamic landscape of North Texas, Bravo Physio & Wellness stands as a beacon of holistic wellness for performers, athletes, and enthusiasts. With an unwavering commitment to physical therapy, Pilates, massage therapy, and dance medicine, our integrated approach ensures you find the balance, strength, and flexibility needed to thrive in your artistic and fitness pursuits. Join us on this journey where movement becomes a celebration of well-being, and let Bravo Physio & Wellness be your partner in the harmony of movement and care.

Julia Buckelew PT, DPT, OCS

Julia Buckelew PT, DPT, OCS

Owner & Founder

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